66 Days in the Lockdown, Healthcare Organizations have started planning for restoration of normalcy in Non-COVID healthcare services. The industry will witness a radical shift in consumer behaviour due to a sudden spike in awareness levels and hygiene preferences of consumers. Presented are the extracts from a survey suggesting the behavioural shift of healthcare consumers and the potential of telehealth as a natural alternative.


We bring in 100+ Years of operating experience and have been associated with Fortune 500 Global firms across varied operations and functions

Managed 10000+ Hospital Beds across 25+ Hospitals

USD 2 bn Funds syndicated and advised

Remarkable cross functional experience through operations, strategy, accreditations, public health and technology


Private Healthcare dealing with the worst crises with ~90% revenue losses

The situation is likely to be unpredictable for near and medium term

Healthcare is the 4th largest employer in the country, is facing a peculiar situation of increased expenditure and reduced income

Massive drop in the OPD walk ins and thus admissions, procedures, affiliated diagnostics and pharmacy income have severely affected

Focus Shift from Lifestyle disease (LD) to Infectious Disease (ID)


❖ New Product Strategy
❖ Refined Marketing Approach
❖ Human Resource Concerns
❖ Redefining Quality
❖ Supply Chain Challenges
❖ Infrastructural Re-alignment


❖ Capital Deployment
❖ Stop Gap / Short term Funding
❖ Cash Flow Management
❖ Strategic Advisory
❖ Refinancing & Restructuring